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What is GestureSpark?

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GestureSpark is a multitouch application for Windows 7. With this program you can build your own multitouch control surfaces for your favorite hardware synths, analogue modulars, DAWs, audio plugins, or any device that can communicate via MIDI, Open Sound Control (OSC) or CopperLan®. You can load multiple control surfaces (called GestureSpark devices) and configure their routings using a modular environment (with virtual patch cables). Every device can have its own preset library with multiple banks and a search engine with keyword filtering. Every preset can contain up to ten snapshots for fast switching between different sound variations. GestureSpark is also compatible with Novation® Automap® hardware controllers so all the parameters of a GestureSpark device are automatically assigned to these hardware controllers. Why choose between a touchscreen or a tactile controller if you can have both within the same environment.

Control multiple devices with GestureSpark

The GestureSpark Designer

With the integrated designer you can create new devices or modify existing ones by simply pressing the “Toggle Design Mode” button. On the right side of the designer there is the device manager which gives an overview of all the elements that make up the device such as control panels, control pages, parameter groups, parameters and messages. A GestureSpark device can have multiple control panels and a control panel can have multiple control pages. It also can have hundreds of parameters so it will reassure even the most demanding user. In the center you can layout all the controls that make up the multitouch control surface. On the left there is the control manager which shows all the properties of the selected control. You can add controls like sliders, buttons, knobs, envelopes, vector controllers, lists, labels, borders, leds, text sliders and simple shapes like rectangles, ellipses and lines.

Build your own control surfaces with the integrated designer

What more can I do with GestureSpark?

Some other interesting features of GestureSpark are parameter randomization and morphing, LFOs, it can map and convert between Open Sound Control (OSC) and MIDI messages and the control surfaces use scalable vector graphics with a zoom feature so you can make them as small or as large as you want depending on your personal preference or the multitouch device you are using. Another useful feature is that you can assign program commands to buttons like switching between screens, storing and loading snapshots, and randomizing parameters.

Control the mixer of your DAW with this 48 channel mixer control surface

GestureSpark is CopperLan® compatible

GestureSpark is also compatible with CopperLan® (www.copperlan.org) which is a network system that allows you to connect pro-audio and electronic music equipment (software and hardware). One of the powerful features is that it can reveal all the available parameters of a connected device. GestureSpark can read this information and can show a suitable user interface to control all these parameters. There is also a learn function so you can tell GestureSpark to assign a parameter from any device that is connected to the CopperLan® network by simply moving a knob, slider or pressing a button. GestureSpark will automatically assign the parameter to the selected control and it will show the correct label, value and unit text. Of course a CopperLan® control surface that was build with GestureSpark is also compatible with MIDI, Open Sound Control (OSC) and Novation® Automap®. So you decide how you want to control your gear.


Another feature of CopperLan® is called CopperPlug (www.copperplug.com) which is a remote control editing system for audio plugins that run inside your DAW. By using the CopperPlug wrapper you can make your audio plugins CopperLan® compatible and thus making them remote controllable with the GestureSpark multitouch control surfaces.


Control your audio plugins using multitouch control surfaces

Pricing and availability

GestureSpark is still under development and the price is not determined yet. If you want to be notified when GestureSpark becomes available you can leave your email address on the contact page.

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